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I discovered that taking this stuff basically turns you into superman in bed and can make you last hours until the girl basically cracks it and tells you to stop. I started keeping a pack in my drawer for "emergencies". If I thought maybe I were too drunk to perform I would take 1 to make it a sure thing. I was always concious not to get a habit of taking it everytime and tried to keep it minimal. All in all in the last few years I may have taken perhaps 20 or 30 viagra, cialis or camagra.

Anyway I have taken these 20 or 30 sporadically over a few years. A couple of months ago I took one when drunk and had awesome sex but then noticed the usual 3-5 days was a lot longer and I just wasn't horny much and if I were I would struggle to even get hard on my own which has never been a problem. I decided I was only going to take the 1 tablet that I had left and then never take them again. I since took the 1 tablet and have stopped taking them permanently and will never take them again unless I am an old man.

So for the last few months I have noticed a big change in my erection. I am not completely impotent. I have had days where I have had good sex 4 or 5 times a day but I have also had a lot of times where I struggle to get it up when with a girl. Also when alone I struggle and if I do get it up it is an effort to keep it up. I am worried. I don't know the science behind what has happened... If it is physical and damaged something (blood vessels?) down there permanently. Or, if it is just a mental loss of sex drive that I will get over after awhile. One of the listed side effects of these drugs is loss of sex drive which I find strange as to me that is a mental thing.
My husband has tried both, Generic and viagra Honestly he felt no difference. Later I read that both of them are made with the same license, but in different countries. Of course viagra from India will be twice as cheap despite the fact that it was sent from far away! Pheiser sells their product for a high price not because they want to. They do it because it convinces customers that their products are more safe! That's an outrageous lie! Sign-up now!

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